This privacy policy provides information about the personal information that this software collects, and the ways in which this software uses that personal information.

Personal information collection

I (developer) do not and will not collect any kinds of personal information. However, this particular software may access and use the following kinds of personal information for certain local purpose:

– Names of visited websites;

– Master passwords and (optional) hash salts.

This software requires these pieces of information to use them in the site password generation process only.

Using personal information

This software may use your personal information to:

– Produce particular passwords for sites, you visit;

– Store single hash salt value locally in your browser (as a “cookie”) for later use - by default the corresponding option is enabled;

– Store single master password locally in your browser (as a “cookie”) for later use - by default the corresponding option is disabled (more secure).

Mentioned personal information is processed locally on your system only - this software implements no measures to transfer any kind of personal information from your local system to anywhere else (neither to developer nor to any other party). Every future release of this software will also comply with this rule.

Securing your data

The password generation process is protected by encryption technology: the password-based key derivation function “scrypt” is used for this purpose. Though long (72 bit) master passwords are required, you should use only complex ones in order to avoid possible password compromise (by guessing or brute-force attacks).

Attention! Modern web techniques are present - may require an updated browser!